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Format:                         Hardback

Pages:                           48

Size:                              127 x 127mm

Cover Price:                  £5.99

ISBN:                             9781841614021

Author & Illustrator:     Allan Plenderleith

Teddy Christmas - Page 1.jpg
Teddy Christmas - Page 2.jpg
Teddy Christmas - Page 3.jpg
Teddy Christmas - Page 4.jpg

Poor Teddy Christmas!

Thrown out on Christmas Eve for having a rip where his heart should be.  His stuffing is falling out and his old owner has replaced him for a new teddy.  All Teddy wants for Christmas is to find someone new to love him and hold him. 


So, he goes on an adventure, in search of someone new, and on the way he helps lots of new friends

by giving them his stuffing to use.  But soon he has helped so many, there is hardly any of him left!

Will poor Teddy Christmas ever find someone to love him on Christmas Day?

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