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Format:              Hardback

Pages:                32

Size:                   127 x 127mm

Cover Price:       £4.99


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Love Cats
ISBN: 9781841614144

What would life be like without our beloved feline friends?

This lovely gift book is a little reminder as to why they fill
our lives with joy ... and fur!

Be they gingers, calicos or tabbies, the fun caricature illustrations bring out the key characteristics of our fluffy
feline companions and every colourful page features text
that all cat owners are sure to associate with.

This fur-bulous new gift book would make a great
self-purchase or the purr-fect quirky gift for friends and family, whose cute kitty is the centre of their universe.

Love Dogs
ISBN: 9781841614151

We all know that man’s best friend is full of joy and slobber.  Love Dogs is here to bring a humorous look at life through the eyes of our favourite, loyal, furry companion.

Covering some of the most popular dog breeds, including playful pugs, dashing dachshunds, bouncy boxers and those oh-so affectionate genetically diverse pooches, you’re sure to find your furever buddy in a starring role.


So, whether you’re a ‘Proud Dog Mum’ or ‘Proud Dog Dad’ or know an avid dog owner, this book would make a paws-itively great self-purchase or fun, quirky gift for friends and family, whose happy hound is the centre of their universe.

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