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Cartoons to cheer up a
Stroppy Mare

Format:              Hardback

Pages:                40

Size:                   127 x 127 mm

Cover Price:       £4.99

ISBN:                  9781841613611

stroppy mare sample 4.jpg
stroppy mare sample 3.jpg
stroppy mare sample 1.jpg

Women ... things of great beauty, wisdom, and the occasional strop.  When a vat of Pinot Grigio and a year's supply of chocolate fails to cheer her up, give her this … a chocolate-coated, wine-infused selection of the most strop-banishing funnies from The Odd Squad cartoon vineyards.  Each page contains a guaranteed giggle and before you know it she'll be back to her old shoe-buying, gossip-guzzling, sale-hungry self again.

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