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The Odd Squad's
Guide to Poo

Format:              Paperback

Pages:                80

Size:                   210 x 149 mm

Cover Price:       £6.99

ISBN:                  9781841614007


Poo.  Such a simple thing but yet so fascinating!  Sit back and gasp with disgust as you learn about the History of Poo, How to Bake the Perfect Poo, and all about Poo Around the World!  Have fun with the Pebble Dash Game, Poo Party Games and Farts & Crafts Projects!  And have all your toilet troubles solved by the great Doctor Di O'Rhea!  All this and much much more in the ultimate Guide to Poo!  For anyone who's ever sat on the loo, squeezed out a chocolate python and sighed "ahhhhhh".

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