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Cartoons to cheer up a
Grumpy Old Git

Format:              Hardback

Pages:                40

Size:                   127 x 127 mm

Cover Price:       £4.99

ISBN:                  9781841613604

grumpy sample 1.jpg
grumpy sample 4.jpg
grumpy sample 2.jpg

The Odd Squad are on a mission - a mission from Odd: to cheer up the grumpy old gits of the world and turn their saggy frowns into sunshine and smiles!

Yes, the Odd Squad have gathered together their funniest funnies and crammed as much mirth and merriment into each page as is allowed by European Law.

Be warned … when grumpy old gits read this, they may experience some side effects such as spontaneous cackling, spraying beer through teeth and the occasional follow-through.

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