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Spectacular Uses for a
Saggy Scrotum

Format:              Paperback

Pages:                96

Size:                   140 x 182 mm

Cover Price:       £7.99

ISBN:                  9781841613352

SAGGY SCROTUM cover content 3.jpg
SAGGY SCROTUM cover content 2.jpg
SAGGY SCROTUM cover content 1.jpg

Being an old git is wonderful isn't it?  You can spill food on your cardigan, park badly and shout at children and no-one bats an eyelid.  But have you noticed the bizarre changes in your body too?  The enormous ears, the extraordinary amount of excess nose hair and, of course, the saggy scrotum.  Yes, you can't deny it, where once things were pert and taut, now the crown jewels look like they've been melted down for scrap.

Well here in this decidedly unsaggy volume is your salvation - a scintillating collection of spectacular ideas for your saggy scrotum.

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