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The Very Best of
The Odd Squad

Format:              Hardback

Pages:                128

Size:                   210 x 149 mm

Cover Price:       £9.99

ISBN:                  9781841613765

Best of Odd Squad - text-11.jpg
Best of Odd Squad - text-20.jpg

Yes, despite years of heavy drinking, poor nutrition and lack of hygiene, The Odd Squad made it to their 20th anniversary!  The characters haven't changed much thankfully.  Jeff has a little less hair and slightly bigger stomach, Maude is still morbidly obese but wears a size 10, and the dog still delights in leaving something hot and smelly in Jeff's slipper!  This collection gathers together all of the very best cartoons from the beginning, hand-picked by the author, Allan Plenderleith.  Long live the Odd!

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