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Format:                         Hardback

Pages:                           48

Size:                              127 x 127mm

Cover Price:                  £5.99

ISBN:                             9781841613222

Author & Illustrator:     Allan Plenderleith

Smelly Sprout HB pg 1.jpg
Smelly Sprout HB pg 2.jpg
Smelly Sprout HB pg 3.jpg
Smelly Sprout HB pg 4.jpg
Smelly Sprout HB pg 5.jpg
Smelly Sprout HB pg 6.jpg

All he wants is to find a home, but thrown out into the snow on Christmas Day, the Smelly Sprout comes up against

a terribly rude Christmas tree, an awfully impolite snowman and, worst of all … a greedy fox.

But will a chance encounter with someone as small as the sprout change everything?

With deliciously witty illustrations and a story to touch the heart, this charming tale is loved by children and parents alike.
And one thing's for sure, love them or loathe them, you'll never look at a sprout in the same way again!

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